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1. When is a building permit required?
2. Do I need a permit to install or replace windows?
3. What must I have before I can get a building permit?
4. What do I need to complete a building permit application?
5. How long is the permit review process for residential projects?
6. How long is the permit review process for commercial projects?
7. Is a building permit all that is required?
8. Can a building permit be issued without subcontractors being listed on the permit application?
9. Why must my property be platted?
10. How do I know if the property is platted?
11. Will a building permit be issued on an unplatted piece of property?
12. Can an application be made for a building permit while the site is being platted or zoning is pending?
13. What is the cost of a permit?
14. What forms of payment are accepted for permits?
15. Once I obtain a permit, what happens next?
16. Is a permit required to occupy or use a building?
17. What is a Certificate of Occupancy?
18. Why is a Certificate of Occupancy needed?
19. What should be done with a Certificate of Occupancy once it is received?
20. Can a Certificate of Occupancy be revoked?
21. How can I get a copy of the Building Code?
22. Can I do construction work myself?
23. Can a portion of a building or structure be occupied prior to the completion of the entire building or structure?
24. How may I apply for a zoning change or a special use permit for a parcel of land?
25. May I apply for a variance for construction-related items?
26. What licenses or certificates are required to operate a restaurant?
27. Is a “foundation-only” permit available?
28. How are addresses assigned?
29. How do I contact the Permit and Inspection Department?
30. Where can I obtain information on existing water and sewer lines?
31. What are the fees for new water service, meter and/or impact fees?
32. How do I schedule an inspection?
33. What are the setback requirements for detached accessory (storage or shop) buildings?