Benbrook History

Importance of Knowing History

The ability of the City of Benbrook to shape its future is intimately tied to its past. Knowing our history allows us to better understand the planning and decisions of those who came before us. To know our history helps us the following ways:
  • Prior transportation and land subdivision actions profoundly affect the ability to make future land use decisions by establishing the framework within which future development can take place.
  • Prior economic activity tends to direct future economic activity along associated lines.
  • Prior planning activities, whether implemented or not, also continue to influence land use decisions, directly or in directly.

Founding Fathers

  • James M. Benbrook
  • Peter Boaz

Full History

Chapter 2 of the Benbrook Comprehensive Plan provides the complete Benbrook History.

In 2011, the City of Benbrook published "Images of America: Benbrook", a pictorial historical account of Benbrook, Texas. This book can be purchased at Benbrook City Hall, 911 Winscott Road. The cost of the book is $23.80 (tax included). In 2013, the City of Benbrook purchased a video documentary of Benbrook history, "Once Upon a Time in Benbroook" DVD's (HD) can also be purchased at Benbrook City Hall, or by calling 817-249-6087.

In 2012, the Benbrook Historical Society (BHS) was formed to seek out, preserve, properly archive, and make available to the public, items of historical value, stories, and landmarks that reflect the rich history of Benbrook. For more information, or to become a member of the BHS, contact President Jess Jordan at 817-249-7509.