Comprehensive Plan and Strategic Plan

As an official public policy adopted by the City, the purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to guide decisions about the physical development and programs of the community. The Comprehensive Plan is not law, but a well-formed policy guide that indicates how the City intends to shape the many decisions that affect changes in its physical and social character. The plan is adopted and amended by ordinance of the City Council, upon the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Both representative bodies consider feedback from the public prior to making any recommendation or decision regarding the Comprehensive Plan.

Plan Goals

The Comprehensive Plan is based on the premise that the adopted plan accurately reflects what the City wants to become in the future. For the process to be successful over time, the plan must receive continuous review and support from both public bodies and private citizens. Over time, the City may need to broaden or narrow its goals; the Comprehensive Plan must be updated to remain relevant to the current conditions of the city. Past predictions and projections must be reevaluated and the City must retain support from both public and private interests.

Chapter 5 of the Comprehensive Plan includes the City's core values statement, the City's Strategic Plan, specific goals and objectives for economic development and parks and recreation, and general planning tenets and principles used to evaluate projects and developments.

To accomplish this continuous review, the City Charter requires that the Planning and Zoning Commission review and make recommendations for revisions to the Comprehensive Plan at least once every five years. The Zoning Regulations and Subdivision Ordinance also require Comprehensive Plan review and amendment for development proposals which significantly conflict with the current plan elements.

Adopted Comprehensive Plan

Table of Contents:

Adopted Hazard Mitigation Plan